Mathias Buus Madsen

Mathias Buus Madsen - a speaker at Bulgaria Web Summit 2017
Mathias Buus Madsen

Mathias lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

He tends to publish a lot stuff on github.

He is an npm module author. He has  written close to 500 modules. Modules he maintains have been downloaded more than 750 million times.
In the last years he has mainly been working with distributed systems and peer to peer in node (among other things he wrote a streaming torrent client called torrent-stream, a torrent video player and a torrent based file system)

He also works on the dat project where they are trying to revolutionize how data is being shared and versioned.

A Video from dotJS 2015

Lara Hanlon

Lara Hanlon - speaker at Bulgaria Web Summit 2017
Lara Hanlon

Working as a designer, design thinker, and design educator at IBM Studios Dublin, Lara is focused on delivering thoughtful user experiences and beautiful, innovative design solutions to complex enterprise problems.

Collaborating daily with researchers, designers, and engineers, her goal is to educate global teams working in tech and enterprise about the value of design, using the IBM Design Thinking framework.

Lara also lectures part-time at Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design + Technology (IADT) on the Design in Visual Communications undergrad program where she leads UX/UI module delivery.

In 2014 Lara’s graduate project éntomo was awarded the New Star Award at the Shenzhen Design Awards for Young Talents in China, organised in association with UNESCO Creative Cities Network. A selection of her work to date has been exhibited at Milan Design Week 2015, Italy; Liminal – Irish design at the threshold, Ireland; and China. An active member of the Irish design community, Lara is currently a Professional Panelist at 100 Archive – a living archive that records the past, present and future of Irish graphic design.

Lara’s Twitter

Harry Roberts (a.k.a. CSSWizardry)

Harry Roberts, speaker at Bulgaria Web Summit 2017
Harry Roberts

Harry Roberts, the founder of the well-known blog, CSS Wizardry. started his career as a web developer at a very young age and has become one of the world’s most well-known experts in CSS.

He was named young developer of the year in 2014 by Net Magazine, and now runs workshops all across the world in large companies such as BBC, Google, The Financial Times and The United Nations.

Harry has built an incredible personal brand and we’ve been following CSS Wizardry for years.


Listen to Hacking UI’s podcast with him.

Learn more

Visit his twitter from here and his website.

Aral Balkan

Aral Balkan
Aral Balkan

Aral Balkan is the founder and lead designer of Aral’s work protects fundamental freedoms, human rights, and democracy by creating independent consumer technologies that don’t spy on you.

Why we have invited him?

Most of the modern services like Facebook and Google, the product they sell is you – your data, your habits, your behavior, your friends, your secrets…

Aral will be talking on how we all can practice ethical design and stop talking about user, because we are not users, but human beings.

He is a frequent speaker at the most of the great events in the world, like The Next Web Conference, Think Digital and more.

Even if you are skeptical about that topic you will find something in his talks that will make you think.

Data is not a currency.

Listen to a podcast with him from here. and watch a video of him speaking.

Power to the People #1: Aral Balkan – Ethical design & Democracy from De Balie on Vimeo.