Bulgaria Web Summit 2017; Sofia

7 April: Interfaces. Experiences. Privacy. CSS. Design. Accessibility. Virtual Reality.

8 April: JavaScript; NodeJS; MySQL; ReactJS; Hacking; Django; R; Redis.

Join a great community of speakers and geeks from 15 countries: Greece France Bulgaria Australia Czechia South Africa Macedonia Romania Denmark Sweden Estonia United Kingdom Germany Lithuania and Turkey !

What you and your company will receive if you attend:

Bulgaria Web Summit is an annual technology conference about the modern web.

It will increase your productivity: While you will certainly be attending conference in order to learn, a short work trip away from the office will re-energize you and allow you to work better when you return.

It will be inspiring: A balanced mixture of participants and speakers working in programming, design, marketing and business development. Find partners, colleagues or ideas to develop.

It will make you better at your job: Learning from the pitfalls as well as the successes of distinguished business leaders at Bulgaria Web Summit will help you to find areas in which you can improve.

You will learn more about our industry: What you learn at our event can only serve to bolster you knowledge and fuel you continued drive for success.


Behold! Our awesome speakers!

They speak also at: TheNextWeb Conference, Smashing Conference, Fosdem, SXSW, JSConf EU, HTML5 DevCon, SydneyJS,ThinkingDigital, UpdateConf, NodeConf, OpenFest, FOWA, WeNode and many more arround the world. Now in Sofia!

Day 1: Interfaces, Experiences, Design the Web, Css, Accessibility, Privacy, Agile!

Aral Balkan

Aral Balkan

An activist, designer, and software developer.

Decentralise Everything.

Harry Roberts

Harry Roberts

CSSWizardry. Front-end Architect, designer, developer.

Refactoring CSS Without Losing Your Mind

Lara Hanlon

Lara Hanlon

Designer, Thinker, and Educator at IBM Design

Great Design Facilitation Builds Better Designed Solutions

Matt Stow, speaker at Bulgaria Web Summit 2017

Matt Stow

A user experience-focused front-end developer who just wants to make the web a better place

Building a better, accessible web

Ada Rose Edwards, speaker at Bulgaria Web Summit 2017

Ada Rose Edwards

Full stack JS developer with focus on front end animation performance. Developer Advocate at Samsung.

Doing VR on the Web.

Fabio Benedetti, speaker at Bulgaria Web Summit 2017

Fabio Benedetti

Lead Visual Designer & Illustrator, working for Apple.

We are designers. We make things.

Borislav Kiprin, speaker at Bulgaria Web Summit 2017

Borislav Kiprin

A digital strategist, traveller and curious mind.

UX, I did it again!

Day 2: $.JavaScript; $.NodeJS; $.MySQL; $.ReactJS; $.Hacking; $.Django; $.R

Krasimir Tsonev

Krasimir Tsonev

Writer, speaker and coder, designer with more than 10 years experience.

React.js in patterns

Tim Messerschmidt

Tim Messerschmidt

Android & Node developer. frequent speaker at events such as SXSW, JSConf EU or HTML5 DevCon.

Credential Management API Unleashed

Elena Kolevska

Elena Kolevska

A software engineer with 9+ years of professional experience.

How to create Redis modules - unleashed.

Mathias Buus Madsen, speaker at Bulgaria Web Summit 2017

Mathias Buus Madsen

Node.js hacker with more than 500 npm modules. Founder of Ge.tt

BitTorrent, streaming, and Javascript.

MArian Marinov, speaker at Bulgaria Web Summit 2017

Marian Marinov

CEO of 1H, CTO of Kyup and Chief System Architect of SiteGround.

Practical MySQL Performance Optimization

Andrew Collier, speaker at Bulgaria Web Summit 2017

Andrew Collier

Itinerant Data Scientist. Geek. Runner.

Diagnosing the Long Distance Runner with Django, D3 and R

Sebastian Witalec

Sebastian Witalec

Technical Evangelist for Progress/Telerik with over 8 years of experience in software engineering and architecture.

Angular CLI

The Venue: Inter Expo Center

147, Tsarigradsko shose blvd, 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria

+359 2 965 522 0.

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One Day Entry

BGN40/ Early Bird
  • Access to all sessions for the day
  • Some fun
  • Some knowledge
  • 1 Lunch Box
  • Free coffee
  • Gifts

Two Day Entry

BGN70/ Early Bird
  • Access to all sessions
  • Full fun experience
  • A lot of knowledge
  • 2 Lunch Boxes
  • Free coffee
  • Gifts

Warning: The payment page is in Bulgarian. If you have troubles understanding that language, please send us an e-mail to: hello@bulgariawebsummit.com and we will send you more information.